What Technique Should I Follow?


There is a lot of information out there about the voice, lots of teachers following different methods and sometimes they completely contradict each other.

It can be overwhelming and definitely confusing! You are not alone if you are feeling lost and don't know what approach is best for you, we've all been there dude.

Unfortunately when I was growing up singing, I didn't have access to international teachers via the web and so just did whatever my face to face teacher told me to.

Some of it was valuable and I still use today but some of it didn't make sense to me and because I didn't fully understand it, I ended up doing things that would strain my voice. Sound familiar?


So what should you do?

I think it's best to absorb all the information you can (without going absolutely crazy). Learn from different teachers and you'll soon find out what feels right and who you connect with.

There are some people who swear by Estill, others who are cheerleaders of Speech Level Singing and others who are CVT converts (and that's only three techniques out of many more available).

I am constantly learning just like you and will always have lessons with other teachers who use techniques I'm unfamiliar with because there's always something I can learn and take back to my students. I use what works for me and what makes sense to my students.


Some students prefer learning via imitation, some like to use imagery to "picture" what to do with their voice and some like to know exactly what is happening physiologically in their body.

The important thing is that you keep discovering new ways of doing things and if you find a technique that you fall in love with, go with it! If you find that something is still not right or feels uncomfortable, try a new technique to fix that problem. Build on your knowledge.


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