Pimp Your Voice Intermediate

6 weeks to a more consistent and versatile singing voice


UNFORTUNATELY DOORS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THIS COURSE but will open again at the end of November!


This course was made for courageous, motivated singers like you who are eager to get from GOOD to GREAT.

You're not afraid of a little hard work but you feel like you've put in the time and still have some frustrations with your voice.

Have you spent hours searching on YouTube to teach you how to get rid of that vocal break?

Have you had countless singing lessons and feel like you've gotten nowhere?

Invested time and money and are still not happy with where your voice is at?


That's where Pimp Your Voice Intermediate comes in. A detailed easy-to-follow plan of attack without the confusion or ongoing costs so you can build a voice that you're proud of.



  • To feel like your voice is consistent no matter what note you're singing?

  • To have complete faith that something that feels steady and sounds fabulous will fall out of your mouth?

  • To know how to practice efficiently so you're not wasting hours of time and getting nowhere?

  • To know that you're singing safely and efficiently without damaging your voice?

Awesome-sauce, stay with me then.


Most singers have a lot of the pieces of the technique puzzle but aren't entirely sure how to pull them all together.

You may feel confident with your lower notes or your higher notes but that section in the middle still doesn't feel right.

You may notice that certain notes lose their clarity, ring or resonance and don't know how to fix it.

You may feel tension or pushing when trying to add volume or power but don't know how to get rid of it entirely.

It can all feel better. 


Imagine how it would feel if you could sing all the way through your range easily and be able to make subtle changes to ensure your voice feels and sounds right every time?

Being able to relax and actually ENJOY the process rather than overthinking and feeling overwhelmed. That's the dream right?


I’ve had so many eureka moments throughout the Pimp Your Voice course.
How connected and meticulous the lessons are blew my mind and it just proved how much thought and care Kim has put into her course.
— Duc





Pimp Your Voice Intermediate is an online course that was created to show you exactly how to fine tune your voice so that you can go out there and perform with confidence.

If you want the technique explained in a way that clicks immediately to teach you how to iron out those pesky creases you've been battling with, this could be your jam.



I wanted this course to cover all the frustrations felt by singers who have been learning for what seems like forever but still don't have complete faith in their voices.

I’ve been there myself and it took me a handful of different teachers and years of trial and error before I tidied up those missing pieces of my technique (and learned to have fun with my voice again).

Bottom line? I don’t want you to have to waste the same amount of time and money that I did.

If you know your voice isn't 100% solid or consistent and can’t quite get the sound you want, let’s do this.



- Releasing tension to sing strain free

- Creating more space and resonance

- Smoothing out your vocal break

- Blending (chest dominant/belting and head dominant mixes)

- How to fine tune your singing approach

- Strengthening your head voice

- How to alter your tone for different styles while keeping your unique sound

- How to work with your thoughts and emotions with practices to help overcome fears and doubts.

You'll learn the following through hours of downloadable video tutorials, audio vocal exercises to help you practice the right stuff (oh and don't forget the 6 weeks of Q & A check in access to me to make sure you're on the right track).

My Practice with Intention workshop recording and my Not Your Average Vocal Exercises are included with this course. Cool huh?

You also get bonus downloads including worksheets and an inspiring wallpaper to keep you motivated and on track!






Kimberley Smith, vocal coach at your service.

I've been singing for nearly 20 years and have had training in classical, musical theatre and contemporary music.

Everything I teach came out of the frustration I felt when I was learning. My mission is to constantly find better and more practical ways to help singers understand how to get the best out of their voices.

I'm big on talking about what technique feels like and how you feel when you are making music, because if you lose your passion and joy for it - what's the point?




Kim’s program has helped me get in touch with the elements of singing that I had brushed aside.
I was trying too hard to get better which was in fact detrimental to my progress.

’Pimp Your Voice Intermediate’ has been the best course to help me relax and unlock the voice that is already within me.

Kim has a great kindness which comes through in her teachings which inspires me to practice.
I feel that she genuinely wants me to succeed and that motivates me even more! Thank you Kim!
— Anthony
The Pimp Your Voice intermediate course was everything I could have wanted.
All questions were answered and I found myself clearing my head and finding singing easier than ever!

Despite my precious insecurities, frustrations, and fear that my neighbors could hear me (haha), I looked forward to doing this class every day.
Pimp Your Voice completely restored all my love for singing.
— Lia
Kim is so enthusiastic, cheerful and beautiful on screen – she sounds and looks terrific.
She is empowering, non-judgemental, encouraging and understanding of the process we are going through to make a break-through.
— Glenda
Thank you for being the mindfulness messenger in my life!

I am sooo glad that I signed up for this course; it’s made such a huge difference in my singing and my joy! :)
— Jennifer


How can I learn singing in an online course? Isn't it different from person to person?

The fundamentals are all based on the system I use to teach all my students and have been pieced together in the most logical order.

Some elements you may grasp quicker than others but the way we develop these is structured to strengthen AND free up your voice, something most programs don't tackle.

There are also two options for personalised feedback to help with anything you find particularly challenging and would like to work more on.

How will I know if I'm doing it right?

Everything is clearly explained and demonstrated in videos and audio downloads so you can't go wrong.

You also have access to your own personal cheerleader and vocal coach (ME) for the 6 weeks to ask questions via the course comments section and via email.

If you nab a personalised feedback course, you get to check in with me at any time with a Feedback Session (sending a recording or video of yourself via email) and can take it one step further by adding a one on one 30 minute Skype session to work on anything that still remains a mystery to you or if you'd like some more ideas or exercises to help with any of the technical elements.

What if I sign up and don't find it useful?

I am so confident that you will find this program useful that I have a refund guarantee backing it up.

If by the end of Week 2, you're not noticing differences in the way your voice feels and sounds you can get a full refund.

You just need to submit recordings of at least 6 practice sessions and the filled out worksheets so I can make sure you've been following along (that's how you get the progress my dear)!

What if I'm too busy and can't keep up with the program week to week?

I know life gets in the way of things and things we need to do take precedence over things we might want to do.

That's why you have access to the program as long as it's running so you can revisit any content whenever you like. Also, every video and audio file is available to download.

Why is each week released separately?

One of the issues I see particularly with advanced vocalists such as yourself is that we tend to skip over things too quickly. This way you will spend a week really focusing on each piece of the puzzle so that we build your voice properly from the get go.


Give me 6 weeks of access to your voice, some dedication and enthusiasm and I promise you'll leave with a stronger, more flexible voice that you can depend on.


UNFORTUNATELY DOORS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THIS COURSE but will open again at the end of November!