Singing is supposed to be about more than just technique and drilling habits into your body to ensure your muscle memory does the right thing automatically. Right?

There's the joy part of it all. The emotional connection. The vulnerability. The freedom.

But too often we forget about those magical ingredients. We hammer our technique incessantly and let go of the other pieces of the puzzle.


This means we potentially have great technique but wonder where the heart, passion and enjoyment disappeared to.

What's the point of it all if we feel like a robot trying to allow the notes to flow?


The voices in your head when you perform can be deafening:

Watch your breathing!

Remember about that high note!

Are you supporting properly?

You screwed up that run you idiot!

Oh no it's that bit now!

Why are you up here on this stage, you're embarrassing yourself!

You know, all that perpetual bliss.


What would singing feel like if you could turn the volume down on all that chatter? All the anxiety and beating yourself up for past mistakes?

What if you could be present when you sing and spend more time feeling than listening? More time connecting than controlling?


EFT and yoga coach Abbie Rose wanted to help singers work on the mindset, tension and panic that can consume them and sap the enjoyment from their art.

So we decided we'd like to introduce these concepts to as many singers as possible by sharing a 5 Day Challenge, giving you an insight into how this can all feel.


Want in?

You've got nothing to lose (except your fear, stress, the incessant negative chatter in your head and the tension you hold onto in your voice).