The 3 Biggest Fears Musicians Face



I was chatting with my lovely friend Abbie the other day (the fabulous yoga teacher who I created the Release Your Voice course with) and the topic of fear came up.

We came up with THREE key fears or negative beliefs that we as artists tend to identity with:

#1: I'm afraid that I'll be judged and I'm not good enough

#2: I'm afraid that it won't be perfect and that I'm not working or pushing hard enough

#3: I'm afraid that if I let go of control that it will be terrible

Which one stirs something in you? Maybe it's more than one.

I know that I've definitely battled with all of those beliefs at one point or another.

So what can we do about it THIS WEEK?



If #1 is freaking you out, you need to take baby steps towards being authentic and doing things for YOU.

Of course as musicians we want to share our gifts with the world and make a positive contribution, but putting all your self worth in the hands of others is dangerous. Believe me, I've been there and done it most of my life.

Start with tiny steps outside your comfort zone.

Maybe it's about being more truthful (I'm not calling you a liar, but sometimes we do filter our opinions). Maybe it's doing something a little silly in front of someone. Maybe it's time to share a video of you singing with friends and family.

All of this will feel slightly painful but remind yourself WHY you sing/play. Because you love it, because you've seen it light up the faces of others, because it makes you feel creative - whatever it is. Tap into that.


#2 is all about starting to let go of your expectations.

Carve out a little time to do something BADLY. Deliberately aim for bad or simply allow yourself to be a beginner.

You might want to try a style that is completely unfamiliar to you. You may try a new creative pursuit (painting, sculpting, learning another instrument). You may throw yourself into a sport that you know you'll be really clumsy at but enjoy anyway.

We can't be perfect at anything. Sure, we can be really good at something, but that in itself is a process. Get curious. Explore. Let yourself LEARN again.


#3 is for the control freaks. Test those intimidating free waters my friend.

We all like to control our lives in some way or another (and sometimes, our relationships too without us realising it). We think that by controlling everything, it makes it better.



Newsflash - it doesn't. Especially not when it comes to your music.

Art needs creativity and creativity is a force to let loose, to be free and to have fun with.

Have you ever seen a musician who is technically wonderful but it just doesn't connect with you on a deeper level? That's what I'm talking about. I love watching singers who just lose themselves in the moment, who give in to the music and flow with it.

Teaching people to let go of the control they have over their voices is tricky business. Most of us have controlled our voices for so long, we don't know any different. Start with simple exercises. Can you "sigh" them out? Can you sing them without aiming for a certain sound?



Did any of those fears resonate with you?

What are you going to do this week to move forward and take a step out of your comfort zone?


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