Singing lessons for people who want a fair amount of fun thrown in with their learning. Vocal coaching based in Melbourne but also available internationally via Skype. Online courses for singers who would like to learn in their pajamas.

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What would it feel like to wholeheartedly show up for yourself and your art?

To move through that fear, self doubt and those "what if's"?

To make the time and and ensure you have the energy to dedicate to your creative pursuits?

To feel like your life is adding to your creativity rather than draining the life out of it (vampire style)?

I see you, we’ve all been there. Welcome to the club.


What if you could feel more juiced up and artistic in the next 3 months than you did in the last 3 years?

What if you knew how to set yourself up for success, combat self sabotage and still have fun with it?

What if you had a tribe of awesome-sauce artists who knew exactly how you felt cheering you on from the sidelines and keeping you accountable?


It'd be pretty life-changing huh?

Well you can (and it doesn’t involve removing your brain entirely).

I've lived your story. I know what being stuck in that procrastination filled, lack lustre, not-good-enough loop feels like and have struggled to bust myself out time and time again.

I’ve managed to feel the fear and make it happen anyway (mostly).

To understand why I was paralysed and help get my brain from “not good enough” to “give it a go”.

I did it to build my business. I did it to write my book. And I did to write, record and release music.

Please let me show you how to move past the negative stories and self doubt so that you can enjoy your life and make the music you so desperately want to. 

Going through your coaching had such a transformational effect on me, Kim. All I can do is thank you boundlessly for the passion, heart, and insight that you literally poured into this project and into our lives.

The funny thing is that, although I was quite conscious of some of the ways in which I was changing (my perspectives, habits, mindset, etc) through the videos, exercises, and questions, there was another layer happening that I couldn’t even see until one day I realized that a transfiguration of sorts had literally occurred within me.

It really is incredible to see what dedicated artistic space can do for the fabric of one’s being when given to a course as uniquely extraordinary as this.

This program has marked my life irrevocably (and has also been directional for my continuing work in these areas) and is a memory that i will always hold sacred.
— Lori

I BET YOU wanna...

  • Start a project and actually see it through (and then celebrate with your beverage of choice)

  • Feel like you can call yourself an artist without adding "Well, kinda" to the end of the sentence

  • Actually enjoy the process of creating rather than it being a slog.


Then come on in, the water’s fine.

This is a resistance kicking, motivation building, time bending 3 month live coaching program that'll have you knee-deep in your creative element.



Firstly, it’s not your fault. You’re human and self doubt is a pretty huge part of our programming so please don’t beat yourself up.

More often than not we have the best intentions.

We do wholeheartedly want to get better, to create something of value and to share it with the world but it's the work that's the challenge.

Our brains are hardwired for comfort. To not take risks. To alert us when we’re stepping outside our comfort zone.

And if you don’t have a strategy in place to counteract that, you get thrown around with the hurricane of doubt and terror.

Motivation and passion ebb and flow.

Procrastination seems to be the king of the castle.

The crazy amounts of self doubt that litter your mind seem to make it impossible.

But you CAN navigate your way through this.

I walk you through tools and exercises in this course that will pave the way for brave actions, show you why you think the way you do and help you CHOOSE BETTER THOUGHTS. 

Yeah sure Kim, but how do you intend on doing this?

What do I get exactly?

Fair question champ.

This program isn't for the faint-hearted but it is for those craving MORE creativity in their lives.

Here’s the journey you’ll go on and what you’ll learn



  • Learning the best ways to stay committed to your regular creative practice each and every day

  • Analysing your habits around procrastination, distraction and sabotage and exploring ways to manage them

  • A clear strategy on how to escape the clutches of perfectionism

  • How to stay on track when you’re not feeling “inspired” or “motivated”


  • Uncovering where you are giving away your time, energy and power and how to reclaim them

  • Discovering your compelling “why” - the reason why you’re wanting this (and believe me, it’s not the one you think it is)

  • Understanding and taking action to remove the obstacles that are keeping you stuck

  • Going deep into how your thoughts are producing the less-than-ideal results and how to flip that



  • What to do when self sabotage or the fear of success rears it’s ugly head

  • How to keep yourself accountable in the long run (and how that differs from simply beating yourself up)

  • Uncovering what it would take to reclaim your artistry and how you can make that a reality

  • Discovering what lights you up and what drains your energy and creating your day around the great stuff.


  • Getting crystal clear clarity on what creative projects you want to do and what ones you feel you "should" do

  • Figuring out what your zone of genius is, how to get into the flow more often.

  • Letting go of other people's "stories and beliefs" that aren't serving you

  • Getting really honest about what truly matters to you and taking action on the stuff that doesn't.

Each week I will be inside our private Facebook group LIVE, giving you that week’s assignment and talking you through whatever came up for you in the previous week.

We’ll also have monthly group coaching calls where you can be coached by me live in real time to start busting through your fears and make progress as light speed.



And the best part?

You'll be in the hot seat with other artists and musicians from around the world helping you out and sharing their discoveries and experiences so you'll never feel alone!

It's hard to make these kind of changes by ourselves but much easier with others.

You'll love having help choosing a project, figuring out how you'll measure your progress and cheerleaders to keep you moving forward when you don't really feel like it.




This has been amazing. Nobody wants to talk about the negative voice that we have inside our heads. I am so grateful that you wrote your book and you put this course together.
Working with our minds and it seems sometimes tricking our minds is so important to being able to sing because my mind is definitely not always on my side when I am singing.

It has been great to start un-peeling the years of negative self talk. It feels like my mind has been peeled like an onion, I started and I need to go on.
Thank you for creating a safe place to talk and to share.
— Sunita
This program was incredible. It allowed me to not only get really vulnerable, playful, and intimate with my own art but really have the courage to share it with others - especially with everyone else in there.

This program positively changed the way I view success and the way I view failure. Kim transforms the nitty gritty, frustrating aspects of making art to being fun and inspiring.

This experience is for everyone but especially those who know have it in them, but are just a little reluctant to admit it. Kim, thank you again so much for making this, thank you for getting vulnerable with us and for showing us light and play at the end of the tunnel.
— Lia
Kim is a wise, kind friend, who will walk you through the unknown, to discover what’s holding you back from being the singer/storyteller/communicator you want to be. And then encourages you to draft a blueprint for moving forward.

There is no other program available on the internet (or perhaps anywhere else) like this.
— Greta

Most of us feel so overwhelmed that we don't know how we could possibly fit another thing in.

Our creative side gets shoved to the naughty corner while we prioritise just about everything else because, y'know - reality.


BUT Imagine how it would feel to...

  • Let go of more things in your life that drain you.

  • Start feeling like a pro rather than an amateur.

  • Make creativity, space and play a higher priority.

  • Understand your negative self talk and be able to move ahead because you've processed where it's come from.

  • Feel like you're actually LIVING rather than existing on a Groundhog Day type loop.


You deserve more dude,

you really do.

melbourne singing lessons.jpg

Hey, in case you don't know me, here's the run down.

Kimberley Smith, vocal coach at your service.

I've been singing for over 20 years and have had training in classical, musical theatre and contemporary music.

I am a passionate singing geek and love helping singers develop their best voice (without sucking their passion).

After I put my music on the back-burner and prioritised my corporate job for a few years, it has been my mission to get as many musicians out of their own way and pursuing the art that lights them up.



When does the course start and finish?

The program will kick off in July and run for 3 months.

How much does it cost?

$449 AUD (or 3 monthly payments of $153).

This equals about $107 USD, 95 or £84 a month)

How long do I have access to the course?

We will keep the content and Facebook group open for an extra month after we officially finish, in case you’d like to rewatch anything or ask any questions as you move forward.


I don't have enough time to commit right now

This is the very first thing we tackle in this program for a reason.

We tend to feel overloaded and overwhelmed, pouring our energy into everything and everyone but ourselves and what matters to us.

Once we figure out why and where you’re leaking energy and why you’re spending time on what doesn’t fuel you, we can make changes that will GIVE YOU BACK YOUR TIME.

And 2 other things we explore that will change your life? Saying no (kindly) and asking for help.

I don't have the money

I get it, money doesn't grow on trees. But just think about this - what are you missing out on because you won't invest in yourself?

It ends up being less than $40 AUD a week (even less in USD, CAD and GBP) and it will change the way you feel about yourself and your music.

What I would've given to be able to move past my crippling self doubt and actually make what lights me up my priority when I was younger!

There's a payment plan option available too so you can pay per month if that helps.

I don't know if I can be "fixed"

Firstly, you don't need "fixing", you're 100% normal.

As humans, we're hard-wired to avoid things that are challenging and uncomfortable; and learning new skills, putting yourself out there on stage and making something uniquely yours is tough.

What you DO NEED are ways of processing your fears and changing your viewpoint so you can keep taking steps forward.

And having someone cheering you on and helping you see more clearly is a big part of that.


This is The MUCH LESS Tortured Artist EXPERIENCE. 

Give your art the focus that it has been demanding of you for years and switch that niggly guilt for pride.