Hey there good lookin'

Thanks to everyone who joined us live, what an amazing crew we had attend and share their stories! Unfortunately the replay has expired, so we hope you were able to catch it.

If you loved the workshop and would like to join us for Release Your Voice to dive deeper into a new way of singing, you can jump on board here.


You can have incredible technique and the best set of pipes this world has ever seen, but if nobody hears you – what’s the point?

If you don’t feel great about your art and contribution, you won’t share it.

If you listen to the negative self talk or over-analyse the pants off your voice, you won’t have the confidence to perform.

If you keep controlling or holding back your voice in any way, you won’t ever know what you’re capable of.

I have seen so many happy tears in the studio when a student discovers how full and rich their voice sounds when they completely let go. In fact, I’ve shed some of them myself!

We hope to see you in the course for some seriously juicy voice transformation.

Much love,

Kim and Abbie. x