Singing lessons for people who want a fair amount of fun thrown in with their learning. Vocal coaching based in Melbourne but also available internationally via Skype. Online courses for singers who would like to learn in their pajamas.



If you want to free up your voice, feel more confident and connect more with other singers in the next 6 weeks, you’re in the right place.

Singing Survivor has the training, community, and accountability you need to get your voice performance ready.

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Tell me, how often are you showing up to work on your voice at the moment?

If you’re like most most singers I hear from (and younger me), your passion for music isn’t the problem, it’s knowing what you specifically should be practicing (and how) and then actually committing the time that’s the struggle.

Life and whole lot of confusion about what to do gets in the way and before you know it, another year has gone by and you still have the same vocal problems you’re flinching at.

Please let me help.

I have participated in the first two rounds of Singing Survivor and in the grand scheme of my musical journey, making the decision to follow this programme has been life changing.

Kim’s supportive and expert guidance and critique have been invaluable and connecting with others who are passionate about singing, and being able to support them and share their experiences, has been life-enhancing.

I can honestly say that I have needed this forum to keep myself on track and to start to believe in myself again, after some confidence-shattering experiences. I cannot thank you enough Kim for being so pioneering and for everything you have given me over the past few months.
— Zoe
I learnt more about singing in Singing Survivor than I have 20 years in music.
And it was so great to be part of such a supportive community. A truly transformative experience. Thank you Kim!
— Matt



  • Once a week there will be a live training in our private Facebook group from yours truly on either technique, practice, performance or mindset/confidence.

    (the times will change to make sure everyone in different timezones can attend at least 2 live, the recordings stay available during the whole challenge though)

  • Every week you will have to upload a video of you practicing into the private group.

  • Depending on which level of feedback you'd like, I will give you personal feedback on either 2 out of 6 of your recordings (Survivor Basic $99) or every single one of them (Survivor Hardcore $139).

  • If you haven't uploaded your submission by the time it's due, you get removed from the group. Yup, voted off the island. Harsh but motivating right?

  • You then have to pay a fine of $25 to get back in the group or you give up your spot and the next singer on the waiting list gets to join the group.


6 weeks of coaching that could be as economical as a daily muffin - IF you commit to the game.

It's fun, educational and will keep you on track better than that old Post It note on your fridge, trust me.

I came in to Singing Survivor with excessive stage fright and some very deep insecurities.
My goal was to overcome those by improving my technique, but what I got was way more - I found a community, I found my voice, and I found joy in singing and being able to express my true self.

I am a better singer for sure, and I am also a better and happier person through this experience. I can’t thank you enough!
— Jen
I joined Kimberley’s Singing Survivor challenge as a means of committing to regular practice, with the hope of getting some helpful tips. I got that and so much more than I could have hoped for!

Feedback on my technique, great exercises that really helped, an amazing confidence building experience and the opportunity to engage with the most incredible group of like minded singers across the globe.

I would recommend Singing Survivor to absolutely anybody, no matter what level of ability you believe you are!
— Peter
Singing Survivor has been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.
I have gained so much confidence from the weekly videos and I have also learned so much about my singing.

The tips and encouragement from Kim, combined with the support of the other participants has been excellent. I feel much more confident and I have made huge progress with my singing.

The course has far exceeded my expectations and I would jump at the opportunity to do it again. Thanks heaps for organising the challenge, Kim, I really have got so much out of it.
— Fay

This is an experience for singers who dream about becoming that person.

You know, the one who's motivated, who commits to learning, who jumps feet first into their music.

The one who

  • practices regularly with knowledge around WHAT and HOW so they build a stronger, more reliable voice

  • has found the balance between taking their music seriously and having fun

  • jumps at opportunities even if the idea scares them

  • problem solves issues with their voice instead of throwing a tantrum (no judgment, we've all been there).

They are the best version of you.

But you might not be 100% sure how to get there.


I wanted to create something that would not only teach you techniques to create a fuller, more consistent voice and get you in a positive headspace but also kick your butt to make sure you're actually putting it into practice.

Knowledge AND action.
Cuddles AND tough love. 
Technical training AND plenty of laughter. 
Helpful exercises AND heartfelt conversations.


The Singing Survivor challenge is one of the most exciting things I've ever put together and I'd hate for you to miss out IF it's something that would be incredible for you and your voice.

So let's answer some of the questions you might have before jumping in.


The FAQs

How much time will I have to set aside each week? 

To watch the training, comment on others' posts and record one practice session (the bare minimum you'll want to do) I'd say 1.5 hours across the week. 30 minutes a day or a little more is even better.

How many videos do I have to upload and when?

One a week for six weeks into our private Facebook group. Most weeks you will be given an exercise to work on and you can then choose a section of a song if you'd like.

What if I can't seem to process payment through PayPal or credit card?

Email me ( and we'll try to sort out another method for you!

What style of singing or ability level is it for?

This challenge isn't structured like a pre-recorded course. It will be created around the singers we have in the group and what they need, so there will be advice covering all levels and styles.

But my strengths are definitely more in contemporary music (pop, folk, musical theatre, soul and rock).

When does it start?

Doors open on Tuesday 11 June but the challenge officially starts Sunday 16 June. 



Wow! what a fantastic and well structured course. I learnt more in six weeks than I have in the last six years.

Thanks Kim you’re awesome.
— Andy
Kim has created a safe haven and a beautiful community and journey for singers all over the world to come together and explore their voices, techniques and artistry.

You’d be surprised by how much you’d grow in 6 weeks both as a singer and as an artist/person!
— Cindy
I have had many singing teachers over the years and Kim stands out by a mile. I noticed my singing improved more in 6 weeks of Singing Survivor than it ever has before.

She really knows how to break down the nitty gritty of any issues you have with your voice in a relatable way and gives clear easy to follow techniques. I loved being able to get feedback from other singers all over the world and the motivation of having to post a video each week.

I cannot recommend Kim enough if you are looking for a warm, nurturing and skilled vocal coach.
— Nicki
Singing Survivor has been a kick ass challenge to help motivate me to develop a daily practice and I’ve learnt so much along the way!

I’ve met a wonderful bunch of people and the support from the group was incredible!

Kimberley Smith you are a bloody legend. You went over and above to help us in any way you could. I for one am so grateful for the time and energy you have invested in this group!

It’s been a great journey and I look forward to seeing you in the next round!
— Claire
Kimberley surprised me while working with her. She genuinely cared for my growth and wellbeing as a singer, and week after week, she gave me more than I expected.

Her generosity, kind spirit, and deep knowledge made me feel good about myself as a singer. And not only that, she planted a seed within me to change my ways as a singer, for the better, and I know it’s growing already!
— Pagnia
Singing Survivor was highly informative and motivating, and awesome value for 6 weeks of intensive learning and practice.

Kim’s training videos gave me numerous “ah ha!” moments and her feedback was so helpful in isolating some of the technical issues I was having.
— Kristina