I am very lucky to be able to work with a very diverse group of students in terms of age, experience and I'd like to thank the following people for submitting their thoughts on their lessons and me as a teacher...

It was the first moment I’ve ever sang live where I felt the audience was with me, it was really something. And it’s all down to your instruction.

After years and years of struggling and searching I finally have some information that truly works and, perhaps most importantly, feels right. It’s like I have been in a long dark cave and then you turned up with a torch and a map. I still have a long way to go to truly have the voice I want, but at least now I can see where I’m going!
— Matt
I am a singer/song writer and I gig around a lot. I came to Kim with nodules and a very tired voice. The techniques Kim has shown me have improved my situation so much. I can now rely on my voice and have learnt ways to sing that do not cause me any discomfort. I have had singing lessons for nearly 20 years now and Kim is the first teacher that has truly helped me. I recommend her to anyone and everyone. She also happens to be one of the most amazing and inspiring women I know!
— Lauren
I WAS ALL IN! Last night[‘s karaoke party] was super fun. Everyone had a great time and, with the aid of you and ample alcohol, I sang my heart out alone and with friends and it was awesome.

Thank you for your indispensable role marking this milestone and launching a new chapter for me!
— Paula
Since starting lessons with Kimberley, my vocal ability has improved dramatically. Her fun, easygoing teaching style is complimented by her technical expertise. She is an amazing teacher, and it is an absolute pleasure to attend lessons every week. Kim is always encouraging me to improve, while making sure I feel comfortable and secure within my abilities.
— Isabelle
When I first went to see Kim, which was about two years ago, I could not sing for more than five minutes without being vocally fatigued, out of breath and frustrated. At this stage my vocal cords were damaged and I thought it was the end of my singing career. Kim told me that they could be repaired but it would take a little while. One year later I have a voice that I thought I would never hear. Thank you Kim, you are an amazing teacher.
— Ben
Singing with Kim is a real highlight each week. I was classically trained as a soprano and over the years I lost all my confidence when it came to singing; especially when it came to popular music in a Gospel choir. I can say now that I’m finally beginning to love singing again and it is, without doubt, all thanks to Kim.

I feel my voice has really transformed for the better and I’m strengthening in range and control each week. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone and having worked with a number of teachers back in Ireland I can comment from experience. For me, one of Kim’s best qualities as a teacher is that she takes the time to listen and understand your voice and doesn’t force a particular style but works with you.

Warm-ups and exercises are tailored to help you bring your voice where you want it to go. Truly an excellent teacher as well as a joy to work with and be around.
— Yvonne
Since starting lessons with Kim I have gone from being very self-conscious about my voice to actually feeling comfortable singing. Going to my first lesson I was so nervous, having to sing in front of somebody was like my worst nightmare! Kim did an amazing job at making me feel relaxed and comfortable and I came away feeling really enthusiastic and wanting to come back for more. That was six months ago and I’m still here.

Singing was something I never thought I could do, but thanks to Kim I have proved myself wrong!
— JC