Are These Little Muscles Causing You to Strain When You Sing?

Trying to uncover what piece of the never-ending puzzle that is our bodies is contributing to tension and tightness in our voice can be tricky, which is why I try to let you know about all the possible culprits.

Let me introduce you to your degastric and mylohyoid muscles.

They do some great work in the eating department. In fact they make it possible for you to swallow. Cool huh?

But they can be considerably less cool when they try to “help” with singing. Let’s just say they should stick to their day job.

So how can you tell if they’re contributing to the discomfort or squeezing you’re feeling?

As I mention in the video above, it’s not their fault that they’re trying to “help”. It’s because they think they’re needing in order to project or hit that note for you.

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