Feel Like High or Powerful Notes are a Stretch? Try This Vocal Support Technique.

There’s nothing that robs us of our confidence quicker than feeling strain, constriction or throat tension.

It sets off alarm bells in our mind because we know we really shouldn’t be feeling that when we sing.

There are a bunch of reasons that we might feel that niggle in our throat but often it’s because pieces of the puzzle like the tongue and the jaw think they’re the ones who should take the lion’s share of the vocal load.

When in reality, that isn’t their job.

So who’s job is it? Well there’s a collection of muscles we can use to add support to our voice.

Let me introduce you to one - the tensor veli palatini.

What his fancy name is isn’t nearly as important as what he can do for your voice.

So check out the video below to play around with how activating him can help you feel more stable, in control and minimise throat tension and that stretchy “out of your reach” sensation.

TELL ME: Did it make a difference when you did a before and after of your own?

PS: The video I mention about the soft palate lives here.

I hope you found this mini lesson useful, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below (because I always want to be making helpful stuff for you)!

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