3 Things to Focus on to Build the Voice You Want

We all want to see our voices grow and become more consistent, resonant and versatile - but where should we focus our energy and awareness in order to get the most out of the time we have?

Here are the THREE AREAS I think you should concentrate on in order to keep your voice in great shape, improve your tone and make sure you’re moving towards your end game (the reason you want this amazing voice in the first place).

1. Make sure you touch on the fundamentals on the regular.

Those breath control and support exercises you tend to cast aside are your best friends for keeping your voice efficient and effortless. Trust me, keep in touch with these kiddos.

My video with the ones I mention above lives here if you’d like to take a squiz.

2. Spend some time really structuring your practice session so that it's building the muscle memory you want.

Use the challenges in the song/s you're working on to shine a light on what your practice sessions should focus on.

Singing through warm ups and songs without any intention or correction is the most common and biggest roadblock to faster singing progress that I see.

By highlighting the tricky parts you struggle with in your song and using those to choose or create your own exercises and problem solve is how you start becoming your own best teacher ( I give you some ideas in the video above).

3. Work on the thing that's making you second guess yourself and your voice and stopping you from taking those steps you desperately want to.

Your brain. I know working on our technique (breathing, jaw, soft palate etc) feels much easier and safer sometimes than taking a look at our thoughts and feelings, but it's those guys that are really holding you back.

It's the stories of "not good enough" and "not confident enough" that stop us putting up our hand for opportunities and sharing our voice with others. 

And even if you don't want to perform it can still be a burden, causing you to procrastinate, avoid practicing and suck the joy out of singing for you.




Do you already tend to all 3 or is there something you’ll need to add into the mix?

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