One of My Favourite Tricks for Easier High Notes (feat. the Soft Palate)

The soft palate.

An important part of your mouth that is difficult to feel and has a lot of rumours spread about it.

This video is all about exploring how high is too high and not high enough when it comes to your soft palate.

The aim is (obviously) to get the most free and easy sound (that you like of course).

Too low tends to feel tight and sound quite nasal.

Too high generally results in tongue tension, a swallowed sound, high notes sounding classical (operatic) and can make it harder to project your voice.

So how can you tell what position YOU want it to be in?

As I mention in the video above, you have CHOICES, so play around, have a listen and decide what feels and sounds best to you.

And the singing lesson video all about using the straw for breath support lives here.

I hope you found this tutorial useful, please let me know your thoughts in the comment below (because I make this stuff for you y’know)!