What Does Vocal Breath Support FEEL Like?

This video is for you if singing feels harder than it should be.

If you feel like your voice "comes from" or is a little forced from your throat.

If effortless singing sounds about as realistic as a unicorn who dispenses free candy out of its horn.

This video introduces you to a couple of ways you might like to think about or envisage support working in your body to get a sense of what it should feel like.


We can't directly control our diaphragm muscle but we can engage other muscles to help. Unfortunately we usually end up gripping the wrong ones or adding too much tension, so sometimes it helps to keep a more general visual in our minds.




Just FYI - the videos I mention can be found below

The 3 breathing exercises video which talks about the inhale is here.

And the places you can hold the breath video is here.


You can also check out my Solve the Support Mystery Workshop here.



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