Hey you, welcome to my humble online abode!

Head this way you already know that you want to get started and just want to know how to get lessons (either in person in Melbourne or via Skype).

If not, check out the suggestions below.



#1. I can’t sing! My voice is terrible and I’m too embarrassed to open my mouth in front of anyone...


Woah. Hold on dude. Firstly I am sure you’re not as bad as you think. A lot of students tell me that they’re tone deaf and sound like a strangled cat when the reality is that they can hold a decent tune, so ease up on yourself!

We all start at this point, feeling a little nervous and lacking in confidence, so take it slow.

If you're not quite feeling ready for a lesson, I'd head over to my brand spanking new beginners site The Secret Society for Non Singers.

It has a free email course that will take you through the baby steps to start to explore your voice in the comfort of your home before you get into lessons territory.


#2. I’m feeling as though I can hold a note pretty well but still have some concerns. I’m not sure if I’m singing correctly and might be doing something slightly wrong, I’d like a bit of assistance and feedback...

It’s great that you’ve got your voice to this point! Celebrate the fact that you can have a sing and feel pretty good about it.

Start with my Kickstarter Pack of freebies and then choose your own adventure as to what free email course you'd like.

A few days after the Kickstarter Pack is sent to you, you'll be given the option of free courses on Foundation Technique for Beginners, Next Level Technique  or Mindset.

Otherwise, if you'd like a little personal one-on-one feedback, you can grab a one on one lesson (either in person or via Skype).


#3. I consider myself an intermediate singer. I've got all the basics down and want to take it further.

Again, start by having a peek at my complementary Kickstarter Pack and the next level free course that follows.

There are plenty of articles and training videos on nailing your breath control and support, blending between chest and head voice, working on your vowel shaping and other next level technique stuff.

Otherwise, as above, if you'd like a little personal one-on-one feedback, you can grab your very own lesson with yours truly (either in person or via Skype).


#4. I’m really looking for some face to face coaching because I’m concerned about my vocal health and technique. I work better one-on-one and I’d like something in-depth and personal...

There are a bucketload of fun options if you'd like to work with me! Just click whatever one below floats your boat.